It Takes A Village

Our current clients are familiar with the parent folder in our waiting room,  I love finding tidbits of helpful, sound advice that I can pass on to worried parents.  The confusing, often terrifying yet simultaneously thrilling and joyful world of parenting, relies on sharing and collaboration.  Learning from veteran parents and simple recognition that we are not alone, most challenges we face are normal and experienced by others, is essential for healthy parenting.   I hope sharing those brief articles and blogs gives parents in our office "ah-ah" moments and the opportunity to breath a sigh of relief, even for just a second.

Click on the arrow by the title to read an article from one of my favorite publications out of England, The Guardian, "How to Survive the Teenage Years: A Parent's Guide."  It is full of practical advice for parents of adolescents that is modern, grounded in sound developmental theory and respectful of the adolescent and parent experience.  

I hope to provide this folder digitally so check on the blog periodically, you may find what you have been looking for!